SCBE Safety


Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Contact Number

Organizations Contact number
Police 999
Fire/ Ambulance 995
Non-emergency Ambulance 1777
NTU Campus Security 6790 5200
Fault Reporting Centre 6790 4777
NTU Medical Centre 6793 6828
Ng Teng Fong General Hospital 6716 2000
In-house Emergency Response Team 6513 7687
Emergency Drill Information
Fire Drill 19 July 2018


SCBE Emergency Assembly Area  

Emergency Assembly Area Information
Main Assembly Area
(Between N1.1 and CW4)
The Main Assembly Area will be the preferred option during any emergency.
Alternative Assembly Area
(N1-A to N1-C)
In case of raining, the alternative Assembly Area (sheltered) will be used.