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Organisation Chart

Chair Office

Prof. Teoh Swee Hin

Prof. Chan Bee Eng, Mary
Assoc. Prof. Wang Xin
Associate Chair
Assistant Chair
SCBE Research Office

Assoc. Prof. Chew Sing Yian
Assoc. Prof. Kim Donghwan, Richie
Assoc. Prof. Yang Yanhui

Associate Chair
Assistant Chair
Assistant Chair (Graduate Education)
Assoc. Prof. Tan Thatt Yang, Timothy
Assoc. Prof. Lau Wai Man, Raymond
Associate Chair
Assistant Chair
Assoc. Prof. Zaher Jubdeh
Assoc. Prof. Luo Qian, Kathy
Associate Chair
Assistant Chair

Further,the School’s strategic development
shall be supported by the following:

Director of CBE Program
Director of BIE Program
Director of Food, Science & Technology Program
Director of Pharmaceutical Program
Director of Industrial Outreach
Director of Special Projects/Admin


Assoc. Prof. Wang Xin
Assoc. Prof. Chen Peng
Prof. Chen Wei Ning, William
Prof Ng Siu Choon
Assoc. Professor Xu Rong
Dr. Leslie Loo

Management Office:

Manager(Graduate Studies):
Assistant Manager(Finance):
Assistant Manager(Outreach & Student Welfare):

Tan Lay Yen
Kirby Khoo Kian Sim
Ho Qi Ying