Bone Tissue Engineering


About Us

Principal Investigator:
Prof. Teoh Swee-Hin

The Centre for Bone Tissue Engineering is set-up with the aim of creating a stimulating and dynamic research environment for the incubation of ideas in relation to bone regeneration. Headed by Prof. Teoh Swee-Hin, our group has made significant contributions both to the scientific and clinical community due to our close connections with the surgical/clinical community.

About Prof. Teoh: Prof. Teoh’s main field of research is in biomaterials and tissue engineering and lately focusing on clinical translational work with clinicians. He is well known for his outstanding contribution in the development of the 3D bioresorbable scaffolds for bone where it has obtained FDA and CE mark and commercialised successfully. His research focused on the study of mechanisms that promote cells proliferation and differentiation as a result of mechano-induction through load bearing scaffolds. He focused on the translational work in patient specific large defect cranioplasty (with stem cells and growth factors) which he has helped to implant successfully in more than 10 patients worldwide. In his early days he did pioneering work in fracture-wear resistant biomaterials. He received the prestigious Golden Innovation Award, Far East Economic Review, and the Institute of Engineers Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award in 2004, for development of the platform technology for scaffolds in bone tissue engineering. His group was ranked 1st in bone tissue engineering scaffolds in World Web of Science 2010. He has supervised more than 60 graduate students, filed 9 patents, given more than 45 keynote/invited lectures and published more than 300 technical papers.