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Research Focus


Sustainable Chemical Technologies

The Sustainable Chemical Technologies group focuses on the study of heterogeneous catalysis and photocatalysis, and the fundamental chemical engineering problems arising in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

We have developed low-cost and efficient semiconductor photocatalysts for production of solar fuels and depollution, supported nanocatalysts for biomass transformation and functional mesoporous catalysts. We also functionalize the surface of CNT or graphene and use them as support to deposit catalyst nanoparticles, with an object to improve the activity and dispersion of noble metal nano-electrocatalyst. Computational heterogeneous catalysis approach is used within the group to provide information about complex catalytic reaction networks, probing factors whose synergy shapes the activity and selectivity of a heterogeneous catalyst, and the mechanism of the catalytic reaction, based on which researchers are able to rationally design and optimize catalysts.


Development of stationary phases for chiral separation and asymmetric synthesis are being carried out by the researchers. Simulated moving bed and crystallization are two important techniques used by the group to separate optical isomers. Another key focus of our researchers is on CO2 capture from power plant flue gas and CO2 reduction in chemical processes. The group also has unique expertise in process engineering in multiphase system and microalgae cultivation. In addition, we carry out multi-scale simulation to determine thermodynamic properties of the materials. Microflows, crystallization processes, multi-phase fluids and pulmonary drug delivery are being simulated using Lattice Boltzmann method and computational fluid dynamics. The group is also actively developing methods for monitoring and control of industrial processes. Imaging based sensors have been developed for online monitoring of slurry bubble columns and crystallization processes.


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