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Biosensors & Devices

Biosensors and bio-devices play a central role in the areas of biological sciences, healthcare and therapeutics. The ability to accurately detect and discern a variety of molecules with biological significance at concentration levels much lower than current the state-of-the-art not only would allow earlier detection of chronic diseases but could also accelerate the study of disease progression, identification of host-pathogen interactions as well as drug discovery. Having recognized the diverse potential of biosensing, we harness our expertise in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology as well as materials engineering and exploit cutting-edge nanotechnology to develop novel, cost-efficient biosensors with improved sensitivity/selectivity, better spatiotemporal resolution, fast turnaround times, and high detection throughput for the purpose of fundamental studies, point-of-care diagnostics, and drug screening. Equipped with advanced characterization tools and facilities, we develop novel biosensing platforms and biodevices. These include ultrasensitive optical detection platforms based on plasmonic nanoparticles, cellular sensors based on nanoelectronics as well as lab-on-chip devices for detection of cancer markers and rare circulating cancer cells, among others.  

Single nanoparticle-based plasmonic biosensors 

Biomolecular detection using Field-Effect Transistors

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