Bachelor Of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Career Prospects

Chemical and biomolecular engineers are in high demand in an emerging and knowledge based economy. The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors constitute a key part of Singapore’s constellation of industries. Other neighboring countries are also focusing on industries that produce high value added products. Chemical and biomolecular engineers obtain a diverse training and hence possess the flexibility and versatility to adapt to different industrial fields. Graduates can find challenging opportunities in traditional as well as emerging engineering fields such as petrochemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, food/flavors/fragrances, nanotechnology, biotechnology and others.

For the creative and adventurous, the opportunities are limitless.
Employement Opportunities for CBE

Year 2011 Graduate Employment Survey (GES) by Ministry of Education, Singapore
The Graduate Employment Survey (GES) is conducted annually to survey the employment conditions of the graduates, about six months after their graduation. The Ministry of Education publishes the results of the key employment indicators of the survey every year to provide prospective students with timely and comparable data to assist them in making informed course decisions.

View the 2011 Graduate Employment Survey results of Singapore