Bachelor Of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


CBE Programme Requirements

Academic Unit Requirement for Graduation
Under the Academic Unit System, each course is assigned a certain number of academic units (AU), typically 3 AU. AU is a measure of the student’s work-load associated with both class attendance and preparation. The total number of AU required in the B.Eng. (CBE) programme to qualify for graduation is 136 AU.


Breakdown of AU Requirement for the Programme
Students are to fulfill the specified AU requirement in the B.Eng. (CBE) programme, according to the broad groups of courses in the curriculum structure indicated below.

Academic Units (AU)

University Requirement

General Education Requirement Core
  • Effective Communication (2AU)
  • Technical Communication (2AU)
  • Professional Communication (2AU)
  • Environmental Sustainability (3AU)
  • Engineers & Society (3AU)

General Education Requirement Elective (GER-Elective)
  • GER-Elective in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (3AU)
  • GER-Elective in Business & Management (3AU)
  • GER-Elective in Science, Technology & Society (3AU)
  • GER-Elective in any areas
Unrestricted Elective (UE)
Major Requirement
CBE Core
CBE Elective

Total AU Requirement



Programme Requirements Downloads
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) Bioengineering (BIE)
Summary of Requirement Summary of Requirement
Study Plan Study Plan
Direct Entry Study Plan Direct Entry Study Plan
Course Description Course Description

AU Requirements for the Programme (AY 2014/2015 onwards)

academic Units (AU)
University Requirement General Education Requirement: Core Courses (GER-Core)
  • Absolute Basics for Career (1 AU)
  • Career Power Up (1 AU)
  • Engineering Communication I (2 AU)
  • Engineering Communication II (2 AU)
  • Engineers & Society (3 AU)
  • Ethics & Moral Reasoning (1 AU)
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation (1 AU)
  • Introduction to Sustainability (1 AU)
General Education Requirement: Prescribed Electives (GER-PE) 
  •  GER-PE in Business & Management (3 AU)
  •  GER-PE in Liberal Arts (3 AU)
  •  GER-PE in Science, Technology & Society (3 AU) 
General Education Requirement: Unrestricted Electives (GER-UE)
Major Requirement

CBE Core Courses

BIE Core Courses

Major Prescribed Electives


Total AU Requirement

* Students who opt for the 8AU Industrial Attachment (IA) are to utilise the extra 4AU required from GER-Unrestricted Electives.

**For students without 'A' Level Physics and need to take PH1012 Physics A (4AU).