Students Life in SCBE


Student Welfare, Pastoral Care and Counselling Services

We believe that the well-being (academic, social, physical, mental and emotional) of every SCBE student is important and should be looked after. Students should be provided with opportunities and care to develop their full potential. The student’s welfare, pastoral care and counseling services at SCBE ensure that all students are provided with the right help to resolve the challenges they face. We will ensure that all SCBE students have access to counseling pertaining to academic matters, financial, mental and emotional issues, etc.
Where academic performance is concerned, Student Office assists by identifying areas of difficulty, developing strategies to improve academic performance and assigning peer tutoring to students. This is an important service that the SCBE provides and it has helped many students realize their goal.
For student welfare, pastoral care and counseling, you may visit the Student Wellbeing Centre page to know more
For peer tutoring, please contact Ms. Vivian Lim at 6592 7867 or