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#SchoolCanBeEasy Quiz 2 Updates:

Thank you for your participation! We’re glad to receive many submissions and are proud to announce the winners with the fastest fingers and right answers:

1) Tan Li Qun

2) Jimmy Rivallo

3) Thecla Chia Meng Yee

4) Foo Yong Khee

5) Cheong Wei Shin, Jeremy

Treat yourselves to a cuppa and have a brew-tiful sem ahead! An email will be sent to notify you of the collection details. For the rest of us, let’s stay grounded and power through the rest of the semester!

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​​ChemEx will be having a virtual showcase this year. They have launched a Facebook page and will be progressively sharing more information on the schedules of the various company livestreams. Like and follow their Facebook page for updates.

SCIC ChemEx 2020.jpg
SCIC’s Facebook livestream will be happening on 21 Oct, 2pm by the Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (PCS). ChemEx 2020 PCS EDM.JPG