Programme Requirements


AY2020/2021 Intake

Academic Unit Requirement for Graduation
Under the Academic Unit System, each course is assigned a certain number of academic units (AU), typically 3 AU. AU is a measure of the student’s work-load associated with both class attendance and preparation.
The total number of AU required in both B.Eng. (CBE and BIE) programs to qualify for graduation is 140/141^ AU.
Breakdown of AU Requirement for the Programme
Students are to fulfil the specified AU requirement in the B.Eng. (CBE and BIE) programs, according to the broad groups of courses in the curriculum structure indicated below.​
Programme Requirements Downloads​ ​
​Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) ​Biongineering (BIE)​                                              
Study Plan Study Plan​​​​
Course content​​ Course Content​​
B.Eng (Hons) in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) / Bioengineering (BIE) 

(AY2020 - 2021 Intake onwards)​
Acad​emic Units (AU)​
​University Requirement ​ General Education Requirement: Core Courses (GER-Core)
·           HW0188 Effective Communication  (2 AU)
·           HW0288 Engineering Communication​  (2 AU)
·           ET0001 Enterprise and Innovation  (1 AU)
·           GC0001 Sustainability: Seeing through the Haze  (1 AU)
·           HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning  (1 AU)
·           ML0003 Kickstart your Career  (1 AU)
·           Kickstart your Career Success  (1 AU)​
·           CB0494 Introduction to Data Science and Artificial ​Intelligence  (3 AU)
·           EG0001 Engineers & Society  (3 AU)
General Education Requirement Elective (GER-Elective)
·           GER-Elective in Business Management (BM)  (3 AU)
·           GER-Elective in Science, Technology & Society (STS)  (3 AU)
·           GER-Elective in Liberal Arts (LA)  (3 AU) 
Major Requirement​​ ​ CBE / BIE Core 93/94^
Major Prescribed Electives ​9
​Unrestricted Electives ​ 15
​Total AU Requirement ​ 140/141^
 ^ For students who do not have “A” level Physics. 

Exchange Matters

Please note that students who are in their final year of studies are not allowed to participate in overseas semester exchange programme.​

Credit Transfer Instructions for NTU Students (Applicable from AY2020 onward)

1. Cap on the number of AU that can transferred back to NTU
  • ​GEM Explorer - 24 AU
  • SUSEP - 24 AU
  • GEM Discoverer - 8AU

2. All categories of courses (e.g. Core, MPE, GER-UE etc) can be read and have credit transferred, as long as the course match was approved.

3. You can transfer credit for one overseas course to ONLY ONE NTU course.
Note: It is possible to match 1 overseas course to many NTU courses, but ultimately you can transfer credit to ONLY ONE NTU course.

4. In some cases, you may need to take 2 or more overseas courses, to transfer credit to 1 NTU course.

5. Ensure that you meet your graduation requirements with your exchange. Students who are transferring credits from another university must comply with the following requirements for graduation:

  • ​Curriculum requirements for your degree programme
  • Minimum candidature period
  • Minimum AU of graded courses
    • Credits that are transferred to NTU are NOT counted towards the minimum AU of graded courses
    • The total AU from graded courses that a student has earned to-date is shown in his degree audit
  • Minimum years of study spent at NTU
  • Minimum cGPA for graduation

You may write to SCBE Academic (Undergraduate) Office at if you need clarifications on credit transfer matters.