Programme Requirements


AY2008/2009 Intake

Academic Unit Requirement for Graduation
Under the Academic Unit System, each course is assigned a certain number of academic units (AU), typically 3AU. AU is a measure of the student’s work-load associated with both class attendance and preparation.

The total number of AU required in the B.Eng. (CBE) programme to qualify for graduation is 158 AU.

The total number of AU required in the B.Eng. (BIE) programme to qualify for graduation is 157 AU.

Breakdown of AU Requirement for the Programme
Students are to fulfill the specified AU requirement in the B.Eng. (CBE and BIE) programme, according to the broad groups of courses in the curriculum structure indicated below.

  1. General Education Requirement (GER)
    The first group of courses is collectively called the “GER” and consists of 36AU for adequate grounding in broad cross-disciplinary areas beyond the Engineering Majors. Students are to fulfill GER in the following manner:
    1. Core Courses (12 AU)
      • Effective Communication (2 AU)
      • Technical Communication (2 AU)
      • Professional Communication (2 AU)
      • Human Resource Management (3 AU)
      • Engineers & Society (3 AU)
    2. Prescribed Electives (15AU)
      GER Prescribed Electives are classified under 3 areas of interests. Students are to offer their choices of courses according to specified AU per area as follow:
      • Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (9AU)
      • Management & Business (3AU)
      • Science, Technology & Society (3AU)
    3. Unrestricted Electives (9AU)
      Students are to offer 9AU of Unrestricted Electives from the wide selection of courses available in the University. This includes courses in Minor programmes, technical electives related to Engineering Majors (including CBE or BIE prescribed electives), and any other courses offered by other Majors.
  2. Engineering Major’s Requirement
    See listing under Summary of Programme Requirement and Academic Units for Major Requirements.

    CBE students are required to take 8 CBE Prescribed Electives (24 AU) from the current four specialization areas. Students will be classified under a specialization area if he/she takes 3 CBE Prescribed Electives (9 AU) under that particular specialization area. It is not necessary to have a specialization area to meet graduation requirements.

    BIE students will also be required to take four BIE Prescribed Electives (12 AU) from the specialization areas.

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