Information for Current Undergraduate Students


AY2019-20 Semester 2 Registration Instructions

Dear SCBE Students,

Prior to the commencement of course registration for AY19/20 Semester 2, you are strongly encouraged to read and familiarise yourself with the following:


Important Note:


Do check your registration date at StudentLink → Personalised Date/Time of Registration from Thu, 28 Nov 2019 (9 am) onwards. The same link will show you your max. load allowed for the semester i.e. the maximum no. of AUs allowed for registration


Please do not assume that your registration schedule is the same as your peers admitted in the same year. Students who have accumulated more AU could be promoted earlier i.e. with more courses passed. Students who have not accumulated sufficient AU maybe in a lower registration study year. For the details relating to promotion of Study Year (for registration), please refer to Academic Unit System (AUS) under “Classification of Students”. *To check your Study Year for registration, please access your degree audit -> Study Year (for registration)  

Reminder: If there is no vacancy for a tutorial class (index), please register the next tutorial with available vacancy.


Other Registration Matters


1.   Exceed Max. Load/Pre-requisites Waiver/Timetable Clash Waiver


Please complete the Course Approval Form with clear justifications, for submission to SCBE general office, if you wish to request for the following:


·         Register beyond max. load


·         Waiver of pre-requisites


·         Waiver of timetable clashes*


*Timetable clash waiver is permitted only if one (or both) of the courses is a re-attempt course. Students generally must attend all classes (lectures & tutorials) for all first attempt courses.


Do note that all requests are subjected to Associate Chair (Academic)’s review and approval. Please allow at least 3 working days for processing. You will be informed of the outcome of your request(s) once it is processed.


2.   Students who are on overseas exchange during the course registration exercise


You will be given the entire day to access STARS during your personalized registration date and time. This is to account for the difference in time zone.


3.   Withdrawal from ABP


If you intend to withdraw from ABP scheme, please submit your request via this link at ASAP to minimise interruption during the course registration exercise.


4.   Withdrawal from 2nd Major


If you intend to withdraw from your 2nd Major, please notify us ASAP at (latest by week 11).


FST core courses CH9200, CH9201, CH9202, CH9203 and CH9204 will be dropped once students withdraw from FST 2nd major. Otherwise students may continue reading their 2nd major courses as UE i.e. no dropping of courses allowed after add/drop.


5.   Major PEs


The following list of Major PEs will be offered in AY1920S2:


Major PE

Brief Description

Offered to

BG4309 Drug Delivery & Tissue Engineering

This prescribed elective course aims to deepen your understanding on two major biomedical applications of materials. The course will equip you with the basic principles of drug delivery and tissue engineering and the important roles played by biomaterials in these applications.



BG4214 Biomedical Optics

This course involves a fusion of optics and biological matter. The fundamental of light and the interactions between light and matter will be involved. The principle of laser and their current technologies in biomedical engineering will be discussed.



BG4313 Global Medical Device Regulatory Overview

Knowledge of medical device regulatory affairs (MDRA) is critical for the development, commercialization and distribution of safe and effective healthcare products. This course aims to provide students with an overview of medical device regulatory systems globally.



BG4240 Special Topics in Bioengineering


The course serves as an introduction to specific biotechnological methodologies, including genetic engineering and the role of mixed microbial consortia, biofilms, and their biomedical and environmental applications.



CH4305 Special Topics in Biotechnology


MS4661 Application of Patents & Registered Design in Engineering Related Industries


This course follows on from the module Fundamentals of IP to provide deeper knowledge and skills relating to some aspects of patent and registered design having substantial relevance in the engineering industry.



MS4662 Appreciating IP in Research & Development

This course provides you with a working understanding on engineering research and development and intellectual property (IP) in related context. It also trains you to apply and use IP knowledge to address real-life IP-related issues in the R&D context.



CH4303 Bioseparation

Bioseparation techniques that have been developed over the past couple decades to separate biological mechanistic analysis of key phenomena at the microscopic scale in bioseparation, will be emphasized, purification of biomolecules ranging from recombinant proteins to gene therapy products, with footnotes detailing economics of the products.



CH1105 Materials Science

Materials Science is an interdisciplinary field where the properties of materials are related to their structures at the atomic, microscopic and macroscopic levels. Understanding this relationship helps students to achieve the required combination of properties in a given material for specific functionalities and therefore applications.



(for intake AY18 and after)

CH4213 Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics

Introduction to pharmacokinetics. Drug distribution and protein binding. Biopharmaceutic considerations in drug product design. Bioavailability and bioequivalence. Modified-release drug products and targeted drug delivery systems. Drug clearance and hepatic elimination of drugs. Applications of pharmacokinetics in clinical situations. Relationship between pharmacokinetics and pharmacological response. Nonlinear pharmacokinetics.



CH4223 Petroleum Refining

The objective of this course is to introduce CBE students to the hydrocarbon/refining/petrochemical industry.

By the end of the course, students should understand and be able to describe the standard processes. They should be able to apply concepts and perform simple calculations. They will be made aware of renewable technologies and have knowledge of environmental issues. They will be able to appreciate the current challenges the industry faces.



CH4245 Problem Solving and Industrial Case Studies for Engineers

The objective of this course is to provide exposures to real life industry problems that are encountered in chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and other industry sectors. You will be interacting with engineers from industries and work in groups to tackle the problems as case studies.



CH4702/CH4703 Independent Research Project I/II


Independent research project in a topic related to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.


CH9220 Food Standards – in Food Production

This course will give an introduction into the principles behind as well as the different existing national and international systems for food safety, food control and food standard setting.




CBE Students


1.   CH4702/CH4703 Independent Research Project


Registration for CH4702/CH4703 Independent Research Project will not be allowed during the Dec 2019 course registration period.  Students interested in doing CH4702/CH4703 in AY1920S2 can refer to the available projects online on StudentLink (StudentLink > Academic Matters > Survey/Subject Option/FYP > SCBE Final Year Project/Independent Research Project Selection) between 2 Jan to 13 Jan 2020. Students should also initiate discussion with faculty during this period on the available projects. Upon mutual agreement, faculty can allocate projects to students between 6 Jan to 13 Jan 2020. No changing of projects is allowed after the allocation.


Student with allocated projects need to register for CH4702/CH4703 during the add-drop period from 13 – 26 Jan 2019. No dropping of the module is allowed after registration.


2.   CH0491 will be replaced by EG0001


Please note that with effect from AY1920S2, CH0491 course code will be replaced by EG0001 – Engineers & Society. Do register for EG0001 instead of CH0491 as per your recommended study plan.


3.   CH4801 FYDP


Students doing FYDP 1 (direct entry students) in AY1920S2, please register for index 58081. The remaining indexes are for FYDP2.


BIE Students


1.   BG4801 Final Year Project (Index: 55068)


Students doing their 2nd semester of BG4801 FYP must also register for the course (index: 55068) during the course registration period in Dec 2019. Do note that the index provided is for registration purpose and there is no actual lessons conducted.


2.   BG0494 will be replaced by CH0494


Please note that with effect from AY1920S2, BG0494 course code will be replaced by CH0494 – Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Do register for CH0494 instead of BG0494 as per your recommended study plan.


3.   BG0491 will be replaced by EG0001


Please note that with effect from AY1920S2, BG0491 course code will be replaced by EG0001 – Engineers & Society. Do register for EG0001 instead of BG0491 as per your recommended study plan.


Please write to us at if you have further queries on course registration. Do note that the Undergraduate Office will receive a high volume of e-mails during the course registration and add/drop period. We appreciate your patience and understanding for any delay in response. 


Thank you for your attention and we wish you the best in the examinations!