Information for Current Undergraduate Students


Minor Declaration & Filing

Declare Intention to Pursue a Minor

To better plan the vacancies of the minor courses offered in each semester, NTU requires its students who intend to pursue a minor or are currently pursuing a minor to declare their intention online.

You may amend your online submission throughout the declaration period.  There is no penalty if you decide not to complete the minor.  However, you are requested to update your decision online in the next declaration period.​

Minor Declaration Period for AY2017-18

Term From To
​Semester 1 ​Mon 2 October 2017 (9.30 a.m.) ​Fri 22 December 2017 (10.00 p.m.)
​Semester 2 ​Mon 5 March 2018 (9.30 a.m.) ​Fri 6 July 2018 (10.00 p.m.)

Students are still required to file for the award of your minor(s) in your final semester even though you have declared your intention to pursue minor(s).

Minor Filing Period for AY2017-18​

Term From To
​Semester 1 ​Mon 2 October 2017 (9.30 a.m.) ​Tue 12 December 2017 (10.00 p.m.)
​Semester 2 ​Mon 5 March 2018 (9.30 a.m.) ​Tue 15 May 2018 (10.00 p.m.)
​Special Term l ​Mon 28 May 2018 (9.30 a.m.) ​Tue 26 June 2018 (10.00 p.m.)
​Special Term ll ​Mon 9 July 2018 (9.30 a.m.) ​Tue 7 August 2018 (10.00 p.m.)

*NOTE: The award of minor will only be reflected in a graduate's transcript. No additional certificate will be issued upon completion of the minor.

For more information on Minor Declaration & Filing, please see