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Location of SCBE LT/TR/Computer Labs

This is a list of the various lecture theatre/tutorial rooms/computer labs in SCBE and their exact locations

SCBE Venue Details
Spine Venue Address
BIE BIE-CL1 N1.3-B2-25
BIE BIE-CL2 N1.3-B4-02
BIE BIE-TR+1 N1.3-B4M-02
BIE BIE-TR+2 N1.3-B4M-04
CBE CBE-CL2 N1.2-B4-02
CBE CBE-LT N1.2-B2-01
CBE CBE-SR1 N1.2-B3-14
CBE CBE-SR2 N1.2-B3-02
CBE CBE-SR3 N1.2-B3-18