Information for Current Undergraduate Students



Attachment and Internship Programmes

SCBE undergraduate courses emphasize the importance of industry-focused training.  Besides infusing industry experts – lead lectures into various courses, students are required to undergo a period of attachment, varying from 10 weeks to 20 weeks, in a private or public organisation locally or overseas during their course of study in NTU.


The various internship programmes/periods are:

  • 20-week Professional Internship (PI) from January - May or August - December. Placements will be sourced by CAO.
  • 10-week Industrial Orientation (IO) from May - July. Placements will be sourced by students or CAO.
  • 30-week Enhanced Professional Internship (EPI) from January - August. Placements will be sourced by students.


Click the link below for the latest announcement from Career and Attachment Office:​


NTUitive: Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP)

 The education and training of the entrepreneurially-minded individual is an important part of the entrepreneurial education process. Beyond methodologies and know-how, aspiring entrepreneurs require the right networks and contacts. At NTUitive’s Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme, entrepreneurially inclined students are provided with the opportunity to combine a 1-year internship at a start-up company in a vibrant entrepreneurial eco-system and study at a prestigious partner university.

OEP is a one-year programme, consisting of 16 AUs which will be categorised under Core. These 16 AUs will consist of 8 AUs for Professional Internship, and another 8 AUs from Unrestricted Electives. Successful OEP students will have their degree requirements adjusted to facilitate the credit transfer of 16 Core AUs for OEP. This is reflected in the table below:


To find out more information on OEP, please visit NTUitive website at the following link: