Information for Current Undergraduate Students



Update On IRP for 2016/2017*NEW*
Bachelor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Independent Research Project Timeline for 2016/2017 Sem 2 [updated on 5 December 2016]
1.         IRP allocation timeline
Stage / Schedule
Project uploading
Discussion period
Allocation period
IRP registration
** On the day of course registration, students are to register their courses assuming they may not be allocated a project.
Stage 1:           Proposal period           5 Dec    -  16 Dec 2016
Stage 2:           Discussion period        19 Dec  -  30 Dec 2016
Stage 3:           Allocation period        2 Jan     -  6 Jan 2017
Stage 4:           IRP Registration         9 Jan    -  13 Jan 2017
Update On Course Information: CH4305 and BG4240*NEW*
Dear Students
Please be informed that the course information for the Major PEs - CH4305 Special Topics in Biotechnology and BG4240 Special Topics in Bioengineering has been updated. There will be a final examination for these 2 courses.
Please note the examination details as follows:
Course Title
3 May 2017
9.00 am
3 May 2017
9.00 am
Thank you and do feel free to approach us if you have any queries.
To all SCBE graduating non-direct entry students who matriculated in AY2013 or earlier & all direct entry students who matriculated in AY2014 or earlier,
I am writing to inform you of a few important matters related to course registration for next semester.
1)  For those who have yet to clear HW0310 Professional Communication, AY2016/17 Semester 2 will be the final semester that HW0310 will be offered; after which HW0310 will become an obsolete course, as advised to us.
2)  For those who have yet to clear BG0493/CH0493 Environmental Sustainability, SCBE will be offering it for the last time in AY2016/17 Semester 2.
3)  If you have cleared any of the above modules via your various exchange programmes (GEM Explorer, GEM Discoverer summer programmes, all fee-paying exchange programmes) but have yet to put up your credit transfer request online via your iNTU account, please also do so, so that we can process them.
4)  As both GER-Core modules HW0310 and BG0493/CH0493 are graduation requirements for your degree programme, we strongly urge you to register them in the upcoming semester.
Last but not least, please take note of your personalized course registration timings and let us know via email if you experience problems registering those courses.
*If you have cleared both modules and they are reflected in your degree audit, you may ignore this announcement.*
Thank you.
SCBE Course Registration
Course registration and other academic related matters
Course registration for AY2016/17 Semester 2 starts from 5 December 2016, Monday.
1)  If you are experiencing problems registering for your courses during your personalized registration timing or during Add-Drop period, please fill up the below template and send it to and we will follow up with you at the earliest time possible.
Name of student
Matric Number of student [e.g. U1623456G]
Major (highlight, bold or underline your choice)
Study Year
What issues are you experiencing while registering for courses?
(provide details & screenshots of the error messages)
*Choose whichever is applicable to you.*
These are subject to Associate Chair (Academic)’s approval and we will let you know accordingly.
Timetable clash
Prerequisite issue
Exam time clash
(please state reason)
What are the module(s) affected?
*For overloading of modules, please fill up the overload form and submit to the SCBE General Office at Level 1.*
*All overloading requests are subject to approval by Associate Chair (Academic).*
*Add-Drop period for AY16 S2 starts from 9 Jan (Monday) - 22 Jan 2017 (Sunday) at 10am-10pm every day; after which we will not entertain such requests anymore.*
2)  For reclassification for your electives, please fill up the below template and send to and we will notify you accordingly once it has been done.
*Not all electives are classified as both GERPE and UE; there are electives that are only classified under either GERPE or UE. Please check first before sending in to us.*
Matric No
AY and Semester
From Course Type (old)
To Course Type (new)
Reason for reclassification
3)  For other academic related matters, please fill up the below template and send it to as well and we will reply you within the next few days.
Name of student
Matric Number of student [e.g. U1623456G]
Major (highlight, bold or underline your choice)
Study Year
Nature and details of query
Thank you.
SCBE Course Registration
Past Announcements:
SCBE Exchange Matters General Talk 
Dear SCBE students,
Welcome back to school!
Hopefully it has been a great summer break for you.
SCBE will be organizing a session on 18 August 2016 Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm @ LT7 for those interested in the GEM Explorer exchange programme for Sem 2.
This session is catered only to SCBE students as our SCBE Exchange Coordinator would like to talk in detail about the credit transfer policy for SCBE and other general matters before you proceed to put up your application.
You may read up more information about GEM Explorer and the placements available by checking out this link:
The deadline to submit your GEM Explorer application is 23 August 2016 Tuesday.
As a general guide,
  • 1)   Full-time SCBE students who will be graduating by the end of AY2016/17 are encouraged not to apply for GEM Explorer as you may risk delaying graduation.
  • 2)   Full-time students can only be allowed to go for GEM Explorer after completing 2 semesters in NTU.
  • 3)   Students are to maintain CGPA 3.50 and above at the point of application, before the exchange semester.


NTU Global Programs 2016-SCBE for student.pdfNTU Global Programs 2016-SCBE for student.pdf

[Update] Metriculation Card Collection 2016 
Dear SCBE freshmen,
As the temporary passes cannot be produced in time, we will need you to come down at a later time during the semester to collect it separately.
Meanwhile, please do come down to collect your matriculation cards anytime from Monday 8 August 2016 between 9am-11am or 2pm-4pm at Level 1 SCBE general office until 19 August 2016 Friday.
Please contact either Samson (6908 1973) or Ricardo (6790 4062) during those timings.
For those who have collected their matriculation cards already, please also look out for an email from us in the later part of the semester to collect the temporary passes.
We will only be communicating to you via your NTU email in future so please check your emails regularly for any updates from SCBE.
Thank you.
Metriculation Card Collection 2016 
Dear Freshmen
There will be a temporary pass issued with you together with your matriculation card so that you will be able to access all areas in SCBE.
For those who have yet to collect the matriculation cards, please DO NOT come to our SCBE general office to collect them. We will inform you accordingly once the temporary passes are ready so you can collect both together.
For those who have already collected, please head down to the general office to collect the temporary passes once they are ready.
We will update all of you via email and post an announcement here as well once the temporary passes are ready for collection so do keep an eye out!
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Have a great time in School!



Welcome Freshman!

Congratulations on your acceptance to the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE), Nanyang Technological University. We are thrilled to have you as a part of our SCBE family!

As a freshman, there will be many questions regarding academic issues, student life, etc. But FRET NOT! Our Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) is the one-stop solution for YOU! 

NUEVE, SCBE's annual FOP, is the school's student outreach for incoming freshmen. Currently in our 12th edition, this programme is an opportunity for you to learn how to navigate the campus jungle, build a network of school resources, and foster lifelong friendships to kick-start your university life!

We look forward to meeting you!

For registration, please click here

AY2016/2017  Preparatory Course for Freshmen 
Dear Freshmen,
SCBE provides preparatory courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. It is non-compulsory, free-of-charge, and highly recommended.
The preparatory course is designed for those who want to strengthen their core knowledge before they embark on the SCBE programme.
If you are interested, please complete online registration by 27 June 2016, 5.00 pm. For the registration, please click here: Registration
Please take note that the Lecture timing has been shifted 1 hour down to WED 1430-1630. Please check your timetable planning accordingly and feel free to let us know if you encounter any difficulties.
Please note that the venue for CH4106 Lectures has been shifted to BIE-TR+1.
CHANGE IN EXAM DATE FOR CH9203 Food Process Engineering *NEW*
To all FST students taking CH9203:
Please be informed that the exam date for CH9203 has been changed to 28 November, 1pm.
Please find the exam timetable for Semester 1 here:
Bachelor of Bioengineering: Final Year Project Timeline for 2016/2017 Sem 1 [updated on 12 May 2016] *NEW*
Stage 1:
Project uploading:
16 May – 15 Jun 2016
Stage 2:
Discussion period:
16 Jun  – 14 Jul 2016
Stage 3:
Pre-allocation period:
16 Jun  – 24 Jul 2016
Stage 4:
Computer allocation period:
25 Jul   – 31 Jul 2016

Bachelor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: CH4801 - Final Year Design Project for 2016/2017 Sem 1 [updated on 29 apr 2016] *NEW*
For students taking CH4801 – Final Year Design Project, please register during the course registration period(If you have any queries, please email to :
Bachelor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Independent Research Project Timeline for 2016/2017 Sem 1 [updated on 4 May 2016] *NEW* 

Bachelor of Bioengineering: Final Year Project Timeline for 2016/2017 Sem 1 [updated on 29 Apr 2016] 
  FYP (BIE).png

Stage 1:
Project uploading:
16 May – 15 Jun 2016
Stage 2:
Discussion period:
16 Jun – 14 Jul 2016
Stage 3:
Pre-allocation period:
15 Jul  – 29 Jul 2016
Stage 4:
Computer allocation period:
01 Aug – 07 Aug 2016


S/U & Minor Window Periods for Semester 2 AY2015-2016

Decalaration Date
SU Declaration
29 February 2016 (MON) 9.30 am
10  May 2016 (TUE) 10.00 pm
Minor Declaration
29  February 2016 (MON) 9.30 am
08 July 2016 (FRI) 10.00 pm
Minor Filing
29 February 2016 (MON) 9.30 am
10  May 2016 (TUE) 10.00 pm
Students can now download LOA Form from SCBE website! Click here for more information. 
Students are required to register their calculators for the coming examinations (if you have not already done so). Students are to re-register their calculators if there is a change of calculator or the seal on a previously registered calculator is broken.
Exemption for Polytechnic students AY2015/2016 intake
Ø  Criteria for exemption is Diploma with Certificate of Merit AND A+/Distinction grade in related module to NTU course to be exempted.
Ø  To submit request, please send email to, attach your Diploma Certificate of Merit AND transcripts for verification; stating the specific modules you wish to be exempted.
Ø  Title of email: [Request for Exemption] , please include your matric number in email.
Ø  The deadline for submission is 8 January 2016.
Ø  Strictly no appeal is allowed.
Students will be granted:
1.    1 UE course of 3AU
2.    Up to maximum of 12AUs
You will be notified of your exemption request by 18 January 2016.
a)    Course exemption is not compulsory. Students have a choice if they wish to participate in the course exemption exercise.
b)    Students who are granted course exemptions are considered to have earned the credits awarded to the course. However, the exempted courses do not carry grades and hence would not be included in the computation of students’ GPA. Since a student who qualifies for exemption in a particular course is likely to get a good grade for the course if he/she is to read it, being exempted from it would mean that more efforts are required to obtain a good GPA based on higher level courses. On the other hand, exemptions enable students to proceed to advance courses sooner, which in turn may allow them to graduate in a shorter time.
c)    Students who are considering course exemptions must ensure that they are truly proficient in those courses, and there are no serious gaps in their knowledge that might affect their learning in other courses. In other words, course exemptions should not come at the expense of the students’ performance to tackle more advance courses during their candidature.

Elective courses from School of Art, Design and Media

The registration for the elective courses from School of Art, Design and Media is now open!

Please refer to the following link where the course posters with details of courses are posted, go to bottom of page under ‘Inter-disciplinary Courses offered in AY2015/16 Semester Two’ -> ‘Open to NTU Students’.


Registration Matters

I.                AY15- Semester 2: Changes to AY15, Semester 2 timetable on STARS”.


Original slot- lecture / Venue

New slot – lecture / Venue


Wed, 1430-1530 / LT20

Wed, 1230-1330 / LT5

Friday 930 – 1130, LT27

Tue, 830 – 1030/ TCT-LT


Thurs, 930-1130 / CBE LT

Thurs, 1130-1330 / LT24


II.               CBE Year 3 and Year 4 – taking CH4801 to note:


Year 3 to register for:

Year 4 to register for:

CH4801 - Lecture



CH4801- Tutorial

C3X (1-hr)

C4X (2-hr)