Information for Current Undergraduate Students




Important Information for Freshmen


Collection of Matric Card

Details for the collection of your matriculation cards can be found here.

*In view of the Covid19 situation, we have allocated specific dates and timeslots to avoid overcrowding. Please follow strictly to your allocation. If you miss your collection timeslot, please wait for further instructions from Acad (UG) office (do expect delay).



All Year 1 lectures will start in Week 1 of the semester (i.e. 11 August 2020)

Students can log on to NTULearn to download the lecture notes, lab schedule and manuals from the first teaching week of the semester.

While the schedule of the courses is confirmed, there could still be changes to venues. Do check the venues in the Class Schedule and look out for notifications in NTULearn before the start of your lessons

Safety measures (e.g. safe distancing, safe entry, temperature taking etc) will be implemented for all physical classes on campus

Course content/description can be found here



Students MUST attempt all assessment (physical or online), unless they have valid leave of absence (LOA).  Absentees without valid LOA will be awarded ‘0’. There will be no make-up assessment (unless otherwise informed by course instructors)

Students MUST attempt assessment even if they have valid LOA due to Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) or quarantine notice. If the assessment is a physical assessment on campus, please alert course instructors early so that they would be able to make alternative arrangement (e.g. e-assessments)


 Registration of General Education Requirement (GER) electives

Do register for your GER electives, as per your study plan, during Add/Drop period via Student Link > STARS Planner

Add/Drop Guidelines can be found here


Registration for Engineering Fundamental (EF) Course

All engineering students (excluding direct entry students) from intake AY20 onwards must take 2 Engineering Fundamental (EF) Core Courses, consisting of 6AU, in their first year. All SCBE students will take CB1131 Biomolecular Engineering as EF1 but will have the option of choosing from a list of EF courses for EF2, subjected to availability.

BIE students

·        Take EF2 in Semester 1 and EF1 in Semester 2

·        EF Courses offered in AY20S1

*Note: BIE students has been allocated EF2 course EE1003 or MA2003 in AY20S1. It is possible to change to another EF2 modules offered in AY20S1 during add/drop period using your STARS Planner.



Course Code

Course Title



Introduction to Materials for Electronics



Materials Chemistry I



Introduction to Thermo-fluids


Manufacturing Processes


CBE students

·        Take EF1 in Semester 1 and EF2 in Semester 2

·        EF Courses offered in AY20S2

*Note: Courses listed below are subjected to changes



Course Code

Course Title



Material Science



Mechanics of Materials



Logic Design


Introduction to Wireless communication



Physics Foundation for Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Introduction to Materials for Electronics



Materials Physics


Materials Chemistry II


Materials Science



Fundamental Engineering Materials


Introduction to Aerospace Engineering


Introduction to Thermo-fluids


Manufacturing Processes



The LOA form can be found here for your reference.

Submission: Please submit your completed LOA form and accompanying supporting document (e.g. Medical Certs) to SCBE Acad (UG) Office for processing using MS Form

You will receive a system notification once your LOA is approved and processed (within 5 working days).

More details of the application of Short LOA can be found here


Lab Coats & Safety Goggles


Lab coats and Safety Goggles for lab can be purchased at the North Spine Bookstore


Student Lockers

Lockers are available in SCBE buildings (N1.2 and N1.3) for your use. More details can be found in the Student Lockers Tab.


Calculator Approval

·      You may wish to get your calculator registered at SCBE General Office, located at N1.2-B3. More information can be found here

·        List of approved and disapproved calculators can be found here

·      Calculator approval form is required for students with calculator model’s that do not exist in the Approval list. This applies to non-graphic calculators only as we will not approve and register any new programmable/graphics calculator other than the models in the approved list.



·        Exemptions are done only for Freshmen in Semester 1

·        More information can be found here

·        Exemptions invitation has been sent out. If you think you are eligible and may have missed the email, please email to


Stay on Track *IMPORTANT*

·      Check your Study Plan, Degree Audit and Classification of Students regularly to ensure your study progression is on track

·   Please check and ensure that the courses allocated to you for AY20S1 matches with the courses in your recommended study plan (except HW0001)

·    Classification of Students indicate the number of AUs required to get promoted to the next level (shortfall of even 1 AU will result in non-promotion). Non-promotion could impact your academic progression and may result in late graduation.​