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​[Research breakthrough] Congratulations to Prof. Ni Ran: ​Entropy Stabilizes Floppy Crystals of Mobile DNA-Coated Colloids

Published on: 13-Feb-2018

Our warmest congratulations to Prof. Ni Ran & his research team, who have discovered a special vibrational entropic effect that stabilizes floppy crystals of mobile DNA-coated colloids.

As we learn from the Third Law of Thermodynamics, when the strength of interaction between molecules approaches infinity, the effect of (vibrational) entropy vanishes, while Prof. Ni & his research team found that even in the limit of (infinitely) strong DNA binding, there is still a special vibrational entropic effect stabilizing floppy crystals of mobile DNA-coated colloids. Therefore, this finding implies one fundamental difference between the self-assembly of mobile DNA coated colloidal systems and the conventional molecular self-assembly, which suggests new possibility to design/fabricate novel crystalline colloidal functional materials.


The research was published in Physical Review Letters on 26 January 2018:

For more information, you may refer to:  


Once again, congratulations to Prof. Ni & his team for their achievement!

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