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​Frankenscience or fearless medicine

Published on: 06-Sep-2018

​While 3D printing in the biomedical sector is moving fast, the path from dental implants to regrown organs is a long and difficult one. Singapore-headquartered Osteopore appears to have found a way to work with the regulatory limits. Co-founder and NTU Prof Teoh Swee Hin recalled having to defend the merits of using biodegradable polymer in the early years when most implants were made from titanium and other synthetic materials. Osteopore has managed to gain recognition partly because it has the backing from two universities – NTU and NUS – that have climbed the ranks over the past decade. Supercraft3D founding CEO Maltesh Somasekharappa said the next step up for Supercraft3D is to finalise a joint research project with NUS and NTU for the development of a standard knee implant design customised for the Asian anatomy. The grant for this project is expected to be approved this October or November.

- The Business Times, 1-2 September 2018   PDF | 1.16MB

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