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​Three NTU SCBE Ph.D. students won top prizes at Biomedical Engineering Society 12th Scientific Meeting (BES12SM)

Published on: 21-May-2018

Held every year in May, the Biomedical Engineering Society Scientific Meeting is on its 12th sequence. It is a friendly platform for students to showcase their research projects as well as designs of biomedical engineering solutions for the clinics and community. This year, three NTU SCBE Ph.D. students, Madhura Satish Bhave, Sagar Regmi, and Samyukta Ravishankar, won gold, silver, and bronze, respectively, for podium presentations. Their works, in order, are on Bacterial Cancer Therapy: Anti-tumor and Immunogenic Properties, Fluidic Shear Stress Increases he Anti-cancer Effects of ROS-generating Drugs in Circulating Tumor Cells, and Engineered Ferritin Nanocage as a Cholesterol Sequestering Agent. The students are advised by Teoh Swee Hin and Sierin Lim.


Congratulations to Madhura, Sagar, and Samyukta!​​

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