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Breakthrough Drug-Eluting Patch Stops Scar Growth, Reduces Scar Tissues – Prof Xu Chenjie and Prof Kang Yuejun

Published on: 01-Jul-2014

Inventors holding the microneedle patch in their hands (from left to right: David Chenloong Yeo, Chenjie Xu, Yuejun Kang, and Peng Xue).
(Credit: Image courtesy of World Scientific)

The research teams from Prof Xu Chenjie and Prof Kang Yuejun’s labs have invented a simple, affordable and -- most importantly -- highly effective way for patients to self-treat keloid scars. The work was done in collaboration with clinicians from Singapore's National Skin Centre, to develop a special patch made from polymers fabricated into microneedles, loaded with the US food and drug administration (FDA)-approved scar-reducing drug, 5-fluorouracil. This breakthrough technology enables self-administration by patients on the scar tissue for sustained drug-release.
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